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Announced: G:LOOT cup with $40,000

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Fragbite has announced the G:loot cup, an amateur tournament with a ~$40,000 (~35,000€) prize pool that will pay out by rounds won.

The tournament structure will reward rounds won, as teams will be paid out per round won, and the amount of money paid out per round will increase as teams go deeper in the tournament. According to Fragbite, this is how the tournament will run:

All the teams that compete in the G:loot Cup, and win at least one round, gets a share of the total prize pool.

Throughout the eight qualifiers the participating teams will be rewarded €1 per round won until the RO2 where the payouts will be raised to €3. At the qualifier finals the payout will be raised to €5.

A whopping €25 per round won will be waiting for the teams that successfully qualify to the main tournament. This is continued all the way throughout the semifinals as the payout will finally be raised to an impressive 50€ per round won. Beyond the prize money from round winnings, the tournament also features a €1,000 extra that will be given out to the winners of the tournament.

Players of all nationalities are welcome to participate in the tournament, as long as they fulfill the requirements that are specified in the official tournament rules.

Attention! In order to win money you will need to be over 18 years of age. Players under 18 are still welcome to participate, even though they can’t recieve any prize money.

The tournament, which will be played out online, will take place over a four-week period, in which two qualifiers and a final will be played. The winner of the weekly final will then go on to play the tournament finals on August 20, when a semifinal and final will be played, and where up to 50€ per round will be dispensed.

The schedule of the tournament is as follows:

  • July 24 – Qualifier #1 (RO128 – RO32) SIGN UP HERE
    July 25 – Qualifier #2 (RO128 – RO32)
    July 26 – Continuing, Qualifier #1 and #2 (RO16 – RO4)
    July 27 – Qualifier Final #1 (Stream)
  • July 31 – Qualifier #3 (RO128 – RO32)
    August 1 – Qualifier #4 (RO128 – RO32)
    August 2 – Continuing, Qualifier #3 and #4 (RO16 – RO4)
    August 3 – Qualifier Final #2 (Stream)
  • August 7 – Qualifier #5 (RO128 – RO32)
    August 8 August – Qualifier #6 (RO128 – RO32)
    August 9 – Continuing, Qualifier #5 and #6 (RO16 – RO4)
    August 10 – Qualifier Final #3 (Stream)
  • August 14 – Qualifier #7 (RO128 – RO32)
    August 15 – Qualifier #8 (RO128 – RO32)|
    August 16 – Continuing, Qualifier #1 and #2 (RO16 – RO4)
    August 17 – Qualifier Final #4 (Stream)
  • August 20 – Main tournament (Stream)