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Esportal – Updates

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First of all for all of you that do not know Esportal is a Matchmaking site similar to Faceit.

Their system is not the same, it’s abit diffrent from other sites like (Faceit).

Many of you might recognize one of it’s admin’s (pani) that’s also the owner of Lemondogs.

Also keep in mind that the site is under beta and user experience might be diffrent from time to time onces updates gets inplanted to the system.

This update covers the update from 2017-04-07 that you can read here (The text is in swedish)

  • Changes in the CSGO-code.
  • Added bots when someone get’s kicked or get disconnected from the server until someone reconnects.
  • You now spawn with helmet while under warmup.
  • Announcement added if warmup gets extended due to EAC.
  • Unlimited money during warmup.
  • Announcement when the match goes LIVE.
  • You do not die if you join the round in time.
  • If an admin accepts a ”Suspected cheating” report then the user beeing reported will be kicked from the match and perm-banned.
  • Admin can now kick from lobby.
  • Turn off EAC warmup extensions when it’s a 5-man stack or if all the players have played atleast 1 match before.
  • Turn on friendly fire when there is 2x 5-man stack.
  • Search function added into friend list.
  • Added Step 4 “Start EAC” in the matchmaking site.
  • Added so you can see more then the last 8 matches on the profile page and profile stats page.
  • Added link to the users profile page when receiving friend request or matchmaking invites.
  • Hidden the “HOPPA IN/JUMP IN” button when a team has won atleast 14 rounds.
  • Changes in region bans: 1. Fourth region ban is now 1 month. 2. Fifth is now permanent ban.
  • You are now listed at the top of the ranking page to compare your scores with others.


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